Test and Keep 1 of 5 £100 Sainsbury's Vouchers

We’re giving away five £100 vouchers to spend at Sainsbury's! Spend the vouchers on whatever your heart desires from Sainsbury's vast range and then tell us about your experience!

Test it…and then keep it! It really is that simple. Test It Keep It gives you the chance to test out and keep products you love – and all for FREE!

Whether you fancy treating yourself to a brand new wardrobe from the Sainsbury’s TU range, indulging in a selection of fine champagnes, buying yourself the ULTIMATE cheese board from the deli counter, kitting yourself out with some goodies from the kitchen appliances section (we know you’ve had your eye on that deep-fill sandwich toaster) or merely lavishing in the ‘ohh no I really shouldn’t’-y divineness of 20 boxes of Sainsbury’s Belgian salted caramels.

Simply sign-up for free to be a part of our testing panel and if selected you will receive a £100 voucher to spend at Sainsbury's. We want to hear about your visit – what was the customer service like? What was your general store experience? Give us a review of your local store!


Becoming a tester for Test it Keep it is subject to acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

  1. Test it Keep it is owned by REaD Group (Data) Limited (“REaD”) and by registering with us as a tester you are accepting the terms of our privacy policy. If you change your mind at any time you can unsubscribe as a tester here.
  2. If we select you as a product tester you agree to review the chosen product honestly and accurately. Failure to do so will mean that we remove you from our selected panel of testers.
  3. You will only be eligible as a tester if you are aged 18 or over and live in the United Kingdom and register with valid details.
  4. You will not be eligible to be a tester if you are an employee of REaD, a family member of an employee or related to anyone else who is professionally associated with the testing of products.
  5. We will need a valid email address from you so that we can notify you that you have been selected as a tester.
  6. We may require proof of your age or address before we can send you a product for testing and these need to match what you have registered with when applying. 
  7. We can only accept one application from you to become a tester though of course we may select you to test more than one product. You will only be permitted to supply one review for each product that you are selected to test.
  8. We select a number of testers each month dependent on campaign requirements. This may be a random selection or we may require testers with certain attributes (age range, location etc.). This will be dependent upon our client’s requirements.
  9. If you are selected we will ask you to review a product and provide us with your written review and often a photograph of you with the product. Photographs will be used by us as part of our promotional material. You will have consented to use of your image in the sign up process. If you change your mind then you can withdraw your consent here.
  10. If you are selected we will notify you by email. If you wish to accept the test then you will need to respond to our email within 7 days. If you fail to do so then your selection will lapse and we will approach another tester from our panel.
  11. We will provide you with products for testing but we cannot be liable for their quality or fitness for purpose. This responsibility will remain with the manufacturer of the product. We are not affiliated to the manufacturers of the products or to any third parties appearing in any promotional material.
  12. If you are agree to test a product then you must complete all elements of the review and submit your completed review to us within the time limit specified.
  13. We may exercise our discretion and reject your review on any grounds.
  14. There is no minimum or maximum number of testers for any particular product.
  15. If you complete the product review to our satisfaction then you will be entitled to keep the product. There is no cash alternative to the product however we do reserve the right to offer a similar product or a product of similar value if the stated product is no longer available.
  16. We may decide to suspend or terminate a product review at any time if we have reasonable grounds to do so.

How to apply to become a tester:

  1. Apply today above and complete all the required information to join our panel of testers.
  2. Your information will be used in accordance with our privacy policy
  3. If we select you for a product review we will contact you by email.
  4. You will have 7 days to decide whether to complete a review. If you accept the review then we will send you the product to test and a review to complete. If we do not hear from you in 7 days we will assume that you are not interested and select a different tester from our panel, after the second user the draw will be closed. 
  5. You will need to complete the review within 7 days and we will publish it on our website together with a photograph of you with the product.
  6. You get to keep the product free of charge.

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